Molecular Pharmacology

Updates to keyword database

In a major initiative, Molecular Pharmacology has recently updated the Keyword database that we use to identify potential manuscript reviewers. As a result, some of the keywords previously associated with your reviewer profile may no longer exist. The new list includes many additional new keywords. To ensure that you receive appropriate manuscripts for review, please log onto the Personal Info area as soon as possible to update your profile. Once in the Personal info area, click on Edit Expertise Terms in the lower box on the right of the screen.

We ask that you select all Expertise Terms (up to 20) that reflect areas in which you feel competent to review manuscripts, and not just the areas of your own research. In assigning papers for review, the Associate Editors are often seeking reviewers with expertise in more than one area (e.g., cytokine receptors, vascular smooth muscle, and inflammation). The inclusion of cell types, organs, or diseases in your list of terms is particularly helpful in this regard. Please select as many terms as are relevant to your areas of expertise. We are particularly hopeful that the update initiative will facilitate the selection of appropriate reviewers from the Editorial Advisory Board.

Thank you for your attention, and for your service to the journal and to the molecular pharmacology community.


Kathryn E. Meier, Ph.D.